Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Step 1

Here we go.  I made the mental leap and now the financial leap.  On September 11, 2009 I have will ride in the pelaton with Lance Armstrong and raise money for Cedars Cancer and Psycho-Social Oncology.  Lets be honest the 4 surgeries have left me in less than perfect shape, but we have 4 months to work on this body.  Steve at Martin Swiss was kind enough to find a reasonably priced bike and outfit it for me to start the ride.  In his own words ' If you can't do the ride, its not about the bike'.  
So the tools are there it is time to get the physical and mental side in tow.  I need to believe in me again.  I have to trust my body again.  Before I got sick I worked out with a personal trainer 3X a week and frankly I looked pretty good.  In the interim, I have lost confidence in myself and have felt betrayed by my body.  The next 4 months will be about me reconnecting with my body, and making peace with the past. 
 I am relieved to know I have a committed training team behind me, from beginner to advanced.  Thanks Andrea for taking the first step with me and the artsy photos.  Please help me in reaching my goal by going to www.tourdelance.ca and making a donation.  Please send this blog link to everyone you know and lets see if we can make it viral ( in a good way).
By the way the calves are natural I was born with them, I think they may be useful in the next few months.

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