Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gaining Momentum

So this week has been terrible training weather, and I even took Friday off to train.  Although I am committed, getting myself motivated to ride around in the rain is just not happening regardless of what some of you hardcore people believe. I'm sticking with are a tough crowd.  The rainy Friday meant we could do some behind the scenes stuff.  Karen Dubrofsky, the powerhouse behind the bestseller "Montreal Cooks" and the soon to be released "Recipes from Canada's Greatest Chefs" arranged for me to get my hands on the remaining copies of Montreal Cooks and to offer them to people as a fundraiser for my ride. Yes folks I have 3800 copies of this fine collection of recipes that I am selling with the proceeds going to my ride.  We met with Jeff Shamie and we are arranging to have a booth at the Just for Laughs Festival where we will be selling the books (let me know if you want some copies, they make great Channukah/Christmas gifts especially for companies).  Karen can't wait to see Whoopi hold up the book at her Gala.  We need to give credit where it belongs, Karen with this little idea has raised over $700,000 for the Hospital Foundation completely as a volunteer.  Her relentlessness and energy are absolutely infectious (excuse the pun).  We spend so much time coming up with ideas that sometimes I think if I could throw Simon into the mix, the roof would blow off the building. We were thrilled to hear that after 1 month I am over 1/4 of my goal towards the ride.
I was grateful for the opportunity to introduce Sivan, my niece who is doing her Masters/Doctorate in Health Psychology, to the fine work that Cedars does.
So this rainy day ,that was meant to be good for the body, was quickly turning into a day that was good for the soul.
While having lunch with Sivan, I received an email that brought me to tears, yes true, in the middle of Lafleurs.  A very generous donation to our Scholarship Fund at Share the Warmth was made out of the blue.  In fact I had to re-read the email to be sure that what I saw was true.
What I learned on a rainy, drab May 29th,  proves science wrong.  You see there are many ways to gain momentum and you don't always have to be pedaling or going downhill, sometimes you can gain momentum being perfectly still and surrounded by love !   

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