Friday, May 22, 2009

Wondering About Fate

Is life really just full of  random coincidences?  Can something actually be predetermined?  
I am not religious but fate is truly something that makes me go hmmmmm (80's disco reference).
Was the intensity of my short relationship with Carmen Dubois, and watching her fight with cancer purely chance?  Was my joining Yahkdav purely random?  I can't be sure because in joining Yahkdav, I met Harvey and Marlene.  Harvey ended up bringing me in to The Farha Foundation, and opening my eyes to our human potential.  I met Eirini and changed careers. Because I changed careers I met Johanne and I was right back into charity, MGH and Breast Cancer. Through all those charities I met Simon, Debbie and so many people who have been pillars of my own struggle.  So is it really random?
When I was diagnosed with cancer i was referred to Armen Aprikian.  Not really surprising since he was the head of Urology.  Post surgery I expressed to Armen that I was really concerned about the field of psycho-oncology and patient care at the MUHC.   Two years ago Armen Aprikian was named interim Director of the Cancer Care mission at the MUHC and this week it was formalized, guess what, a major component of the program is psycho-oncology.  As I stood in the room invited by the Cedars Foundation (introduced by Anna B, who I met through Carmen Dubois) I smiled as I reflected on the road that brought me to the ride. Incidentally last year when I met Lance and committed to riding this year it was through the generous invitation of my friends Sandy and Leonard, who I met purely by chance at the gym.  

So you see I don't know what to believe about fate, but I do know that each time you walk through a door your life changes.  If anything is truly predetermined, then I will embrace this episode in my life with cancer as another road I need to travel before another door opens.
Thank you to everyone that has donated to the Ride for your support of Psycho-Social Oncology and Cancer Patient Care.  Please send this blog to anyone you believe may be interested and follow along at
After all, maybe fate brought you to read this page????

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  1. Hi Sam,
    I stumbled upon your blog while I was checking out the Cedars ride, doing some research for my job. I was looking at the riders and thier profiles and something drew me to your name.
    I find your story inspiring and moving all at the same time. You have incredible strength and courage to be taking on this challenge and I wish you the greatest sucess with your venture.
    I too am doing a bikeride to raise $ for camcer research - the Ride to Conquer Cancer. The training is daunting, as is the distance but when I read your story, I knew immediatly why I accepted the challenge to do the Ride.
    I hope that my efforts help you in some way in the very near future.
    On a funny note - I couldn't agree with you more about the bike seats!!! I am going this weekend to get a new gel seat for my bike. I can only imagine how my tush will feel after two days of riding!
    I wish you good luck and above all- good health!