Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trainus Interruptus....Almost

As promised today was supposed to be the first training ride.  Well, I woke up it was 7 degrees, grey and windy.  In all honesty each one of these individual elments is in my humble opinion sufficient for a delay, but combined, folks this is the Trifecta of excuses!
I have never been the most athletic of humans (okay Bill you can stop laughing now), but somehow I make up in determination what I lack in interest.  Thanks to my folks I have always thought that I could succeed at just about anything if I tried.  So excuses aside, it's time to try.  After all, I bought the snazzy windbreaker for just a day like today
I decided to do my first practice ride at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve; no potholes, no traffic and no stop signs; don't you wish life was the same?  
I slathered on "Assos of Switzerland" ( I kid you not, I couldn't make that up).  Okay it has a disconcerting Mango smell, but a refreshing coolness that you may want to check out, whether your riding or not.  I won't tell.  I squeezed into my Lycra and quickly passed in front of our full length mirror.  This is not about vanity, this boy is on a mission. With the support of Marlene, Fern and Roxie, my first training run was on.  How did I do?  17.48 km in 49 minutes.  Mission accomplished.  All was good until we got home and I had to climb the 4 stairs to get back into the house.  The same 4 steps that I needed help from Abba and Fern to climb after my first surgery.
The weakness is back in my legs, but this time it is for a good reason.  Tomorrow is another training ride, and before you know it Marlene assures me my speed and endurance will pickup.  Stay tuned...we've just begun.   


  1. What a great place to start - this reminds me of following my nephew last summer. Will be checking this daily like I did should think about the book deal at the end of it all!

  2. I am so proud of you Sam! I saw those grey skies and promptly went back to bed with a nice cup of coffee and my book. I am getting my bike on Friday. I'll take it out for a spin (and likely, also a fall) next weekend. Wanna go riding together?