Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trying to find Balance!

Why is everyone so serious all the time.  I think when we are born we should be given a limited amount of minutes expendable for any one single emotion, and when we are done...time to change our emotional range.  We all know people who are miserable all the time, don't you think after about 30 years they would have used up their miserable moments?  Same thing goes for serious! Cyclists take biking as a very serious matter.  You would think that after everything I bought, I would be done...wrong again.  It appears I haven't scratched the surface.  Now I have a bike rack, and am putting together the repair kit (I am looking for the Jewish repair kit, the one with a phone number where you call someone else to fix it, the CAA for cyclists), and the nutritional supplements and boosters you need for long rides.  Yes folks we are doing another home renovation as it seems I need a new pantry now that I am a CYCLIST.   
I have determined that I am not a big fan of city cycling, way too many moving objects hurtling towards me.  So with some advise from Peter I scoured the Beaconsfield Cycling Club site to search for circuits and tours that sound interesting.  I encourage you to look at this site if you plan to cycle for 2 reasons, I think the concept is good, but really, it's because I can't figure out these maps!!! 
 I have a friend who lives on Ile Bizard so I thought what a great idea.  I opened the map and was completely confused. Arrows in every direction, numbers in appearingly random orders....don't they know I'm almost 50!  I need clarity or a GPS at least.  
With a great sigh I realized why SERIOUS cyclists ride in a peloton.  I see them every morning at the corner of Sherbrooke and Westminster.  It's because only 1 person actually knows what   the route is...the rest are just following.  They are probably the older gang and as map challenged as I am.  That also explains why they look so serious, they are scared to death to be left behind in the peloton, because they won't know where the hell they are! I now also understand why in the Tour they follow a car....he's got the map!
So lighten up folks, its only cycling and supposed to be fun.  As for me you will find me cycling around in's the only map I could actually figure out!
In the near rant about cycling attire!
Check out, if you have insight or want to drive my personal lead car...feel free to let me know.

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