Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

When you start a blog it seems that above all honesty is truly the best policy. So here it goes;
I have some serious guilty pleasures. Okay, nothing that will get me arrested, but I may as well tell the truth.
1. I have never seen a plate of baked goods that doesn't cry out to me. I used to buy 14 bagels so that I could eat 1 on the way home and never get busted. I can't resist sitting in the car knowing that the warm body next to mine is a dozen hot bagels.
This may explain why in my month of training I have not lost 1 single pound. In fact I have gained.
I actually look thinner but I have gained weight. I know for most people this would be traumatic, but as a cancer patient gaining weight is actually reassuring. Prior to my first cancer one of the only significant symptoms was a gradual weight loss. Since I am being truthful, I should also tell you that I never looked better. The weight loss made me look svelte, not sickly. I actually looked so good that, promise not to groan, I went out and had my passport pictures and drivers license pictures taken. Hell I figured that I would never look this thin or this good again. Little did I know it was due to cancer. Go figure.
2. I love coasting. Serious cyclists actually pedal when they are going downhill. You are supposed to get into a slower gear so that you can pedal and gain momentum. Forget it. My favorite part of hills is coasting downhill. Wind blowing in your face, it is truly my Dicaprio moment where I want to scream "I'm the king of the World" as I fly downhill at 40+ kms an hour. I figure that we go through most of our lives feeling like we are always pedaling uphill, granted its a gradual hill, but uphill non the less. So if its okay with you when life actually give you an opportunity to coast; then coast baby coast.
3. I will never be an underwear model. I have always joked that my day job better work out because after all these surgeries the scars on my body have pretty much ruled out my backup career. After my first operation, I mentioned to Harvey that I had always heard that scars give you an allure of mystery, they add character. " Yeah Sam small scars on your face" he replied " Not ones that make you look like you got caught in the propeller of a boat". We had a good laugh. Boy did we laugh.
So what have I learned? Eat what you want, life is too short, and the next time you are eating a warm bagel...think of me. Coast when you can, you have my permission, hell if you're like me your entitled to the occasional break. Laugh. Laugh and then Laugh some more. Even in the darkest moment there is probably something worthing laughing at.
By the way if you want a good laugh, a chance to eat and to coast for an afternoon, then let me know because on July 23rd, we are hosting a Cedars Riders Fundraising Comedy Lunch at Bice hosted by Caroline Rhea and Michael Kors. Tickets are $150.00 and you will receive a $100.00 tax receipt. I can send you details if you are interested.
Incidentally this week I rode 77.2 kms, 3 hours 13 minutes, and we surpassed the 50% mark in fundraising. Thank you to all who have donated, it is greatly appreciated.

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