Saturday, July 4, 2009

Real Proof

The human body is a remarkable thing. Okay, maybe not my body, but I speak in general. It's recuperative nature in particular has truly amazed me.
Numerous people were kind enough to let me know of someone who they new who was living with 1 kidney when it was clear that it was my prognosis. Somehow like a car I'm not sure we have a lot of unnecessary spare parts, but I was comfortable with the fact that I cold exist on one kidney. That was also true when they reassured me that we really don't need both lungs to function and although useful, we have numerous lobes and losing one in the mix would not leave me the worse for wear.
In fact, after all my surgeries, I actually recovered remarkably quickly if you ask me. In most cases I was back to work in weeks and in one case I actually worked from home within days.
After my first surgery I was very weak, but so committed to recuperating that I was actually back in gym within a month.
I had forgotten about the recuperative side of exercise, and although not scientific I can personally confirm it is true. How do I know you ask?????
My last operation left me with a large outward bulge on my left side. My abdominal muscle had pushed out ( somewhat like a hernia) and there was an accumulation of fluid. Although numb from having the nerve endings sliced, for months I felt very uncomfortable pulling. Imagine Sigourney Weaver in Alien, I looked ripe for an extraterrestrial to come bursting out my left side.
I consulted both an Osteopath and Phsyio and with minor results. I took to wearing a supporting brace (girdle). My doctor really didn't think it would ever get better, and in fact it was due to this discomfort that I had pretty much ruled out the ride this year.
My pride wouldn't let me skip the ride, so as you know for the last 2 months I have been training. After each ride when I undress my left side has been hyper sensitive. For about a half hour it feels like I have a really bad sunburn. Frankly I am so anxious to get in the shower at the end of the ride that I have not really focused on my bulge, in fact, it had become part of my reality. This week after my ride I was stunned to realize that with the cycling my abdominal muscles have begun to regenerate and the burning feeling was actually the nerve endings firing.
The bulge has all but disappeared. I kept staring in the mirror truly amazed by the radical change.
It's true, although it behooves me to admit it, getting off your ass and doing something helps in your recovery. Not only the physical but also the emotional recovery. So if you know someone recovering from surgery or chemo, give them a call, and go for a walk together. I promise the results will be encouraging...after all I have the proof.

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  1. Dear Sam....thank you for the inspiration. The road has been a bit rough these past three weeks but you have reminded me that we can endure. You are doing great, friend. Hang tough. Terry