Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Legacy

Today Lance Armstrong placed 3rd in his return to the Tour de France. The media reports that his 3rd place finish does not come without disappointment and recriminations. I can't help but wonder what will actually be his legacy.
In 100 years will Lance Armstrong be remembered for the 7 Tour De France wins or for Livestrong? Will the record have been shattered by another great champion? Perhaps, but in my mind his achievement with Livestrong will not only never be equaled, it will be the enduring legacy.
Livestrong has given cancer patients a voice. The yellow wristband is recognized worldwide.
Today in the final leg of the Tour, numerous riders from other teams were wearing their Livestrong bracelet. I was moved and again felt the silent solidarity one feels with other cancer patients and their family.
This week we celebrated life together with a lunch at Bice featuring Caroline Rhea. We laughed and we recognized the formidable battle that Terry has undertaken. Oddly enough, although we know many people in common, it was cancer that brought us together.
We began with small courteous emails a few months ago, extending a cyber hug and smile. We became Facebook friends and supporters for the Tour de Lance. Each time our circle of friends continued to crisscross, we would smile, amused at the smallness of our world.
Through a bizarre twist of fate our pas de deux became a trio. Our worlds collided around Bev and now we were three. Three different cancers, 3 different people, same end result. All 3 of us had surgery at the same time, and only this spring did it even connect that we all knew each other. How weird is that you are saying???? Plenty weird.
Fast Forward to this week where I met Terry for the first time, and Bev saw Terry for the first time in many years. Knowing hugs, knowing glances, knowing smiles.
So Lance if you ever read this post, rest assured that in the long run today's 3rd place finish may have been a disappointment but for us it really makes no difference.
You gave us a voice, you gave us hope. You encouraged us to not only live, but to LIVESTRONG. The three of us are a testament to the work of your foundation.
Have no doubt this will be your legacy, and for that you will always be in First Place.

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  1. Sam...Bev and I are privileged to call you a friend. You continue to inspire!