Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Milestones

Today's revelation is that...get ready...."I'm not telepathic". Not only that, but you'll never believe this "Fern is not telepathic either". Maybe you're not surprised but like many couples I think our biggest frustration is that the other person just doesn't know what we're thinking. Well, after 17 years is that too much to ask for? Is it?
I haven't been able to find enough time to train for the ride and I can feel September 11th quickly approaching. The weekends seem far apart and even then my ride on Sunday in the heat was less than satisfying. This has been causing a little bit of anxiety and I could only find one solution. So I took the big leap and told Fern that I needed to find time during the week to ride. Ruling out after work, that meant a revision of our morning schedules. We will have to share the morning dog walking obligations. I have decided that in June I will add a 6:15 morning ride. Wednesday was Fern's first day at the helm.
I awoke, let Roxie out in the back and then dressed for my ride. She look at me as if questioning "Are your really going to wear that to the dog park?" You could see the embarrassment in her eyes. "Don't worry" I said "'re all Fern's".
With that I hobbled out of the house (you don't walk in cycling hobble), unaware that on June 17th, new milestones were to be reached.
I mounted my bike and rode, and rode and folks... I did it 70 kms and all that before breakfast!
From Montreal West through Lachine to John Abbott College in St Anne de Bellevue and back.
Not only were the kms important, but I broke a mental the end of the ride I rode all the way home, up the "maudite" hill that joins Ville St. Pierre and Montreal West, with barely a hesitation.
However the most important milestone was to come at the end of the day. My dear sister, Sabina, called to let me know that after 8 years her oncologist had let her know that they felt that she no longer needed to be followed medically for her original breast cancer. After 8 years our family's first cancer experience was to be buried. Buried but never forgotten.
I think I was more nervous than her. She was ready to make the move and recommence living.
And so we celebrate on this beautiful sunny June day as 3 milestones are broken...heaps of rubble in the road, markers of the past, that we pass with an acknowledging nod, as we push on forward...hopefully always moving forward.
Let me know if you want to join me for a morning ride, after all, breakfast awaits.

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  1. Tears in my eyes. Hope prevails. Your courage to get on the bike and just do it is inspiring. Wish I could with you ride now. In 2010 I'll be there. For now my beautiful Bruce will be my legs and soul. When the Festival is over, I bet he'll join you on the road. For now, I join you in spirit. Txo