Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 * 10 *10 - A NEW PROJECT

A wise man said " If not me ...then who, If not now....then when?"
We control not only our destiny but the future of others. Today as 2000 walkers take to the streets of Montreal it seems appropriate to tell you about a project that I have been working on for a few months.
10 * 10 * 10 - The Cedars Cancer Challenge.
I am looking for a team of 30 brave individuals that are looking to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally. Join me on October 10, 2010 as we begin a week long adventure with a 2 day ascent of Mount Kenya. Yes, that's right, Mount Kenya.
This will be followed by a Mountain Bike Descent and then a walk/ride through the Kenyan landscape guided and encouraged by the cheers and songs of the Masai Warriors.
My trip to Africa in 2008 left me a changed person, this challenge will be a life changing moment in your life. We will challenge our physical selves, we will find the harmony in nature and learn about the peace and tranquility of the Masai people.
This is not an adventure without cost. It will require $$$, but more importantly it will require your commitment, your energy and your sweat to reach our financial goal of raising 500,000 as a team. It also involves a commitment to getting yourself fit and ready to challenge your body and your soul.
I have a plan, I have ideas, and now it is time to find the team. To find the 30 people who will work together for 1 year to attain our financial goal and the physical goal of reaching the summit of Mount Kenya and crossing the finish line with our Masai friends.
If not me then who??? I not now then when??? - Time is fleeting. for years I have believed in he simplicity of the Field of Dreams.." Build it and they will come". Together we built Ca Marche, we built Au Coeur de la Mode, we built Heroes we build
" The Cedars Cancer Challenge". We will need a big team to realize this dream.
I look forward to giving you more details as the time comes...but let me know if you are interested .....LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN.
The ride with Lance is in 3 weeks. As you can see I have already begun to look to the future.
Setting new challenges, new objectives. Thank you to all who have contributed to the Tour de Lance. I am still in training and will be pushing hard to make you proud...Thank You.

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